I am Postdoc at the University of Kentucky (USA) since 2021. I work on multi-wavelength observations of galaxy clusters and groups. Particularly, I use ALMA, MUSE, and recently Chandra observations to study the inter-relation between intra-cluster/group medium (ICM/IGM), optical emission-line gas, and the Brightest Cluster/Group Galaxy (BCG/BGG) in the cores of clusters and groups. During my PhD with Prof. Philippe Salome and Prof. Francoise Combes at the Observatory of Paris (France), my research focused on the origin of the cold gas in nearby galaxy clusters and groups. I obtained my Master's degree with honors in Physics at Universidad of Concepcion (Chile), under the guidance of Prof Ezequiel Trister (now in PUC).

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Galaxy Clusters

Observations of cool-core cluster, show extended multi-phase filamentary around the brightest cluster galaxy of several kpc long. However, the origin of these filaments is still under discussion. Recent studied has suggested that these filaments are either formed by local thermal instabilities, due to turbulence motions (AGN feedback) or uplifted behind the buoyantly rising AGN bubbles the buoyantly radio bubbles. To study the formation these filaments we used multi-wavelength observations (ALMA, MUSE and CHANDRA). .

Galaxy Groups

I am currently extending the study of the origin of the cold gas to galaxy group cores (BGGs). Galaxy groups, representing the intermediate-mass range between individual galaxies and massive clusters, offer an interesting avenue for investigation. These systems are very diverse, and many of them have been observed to have a hot atmosphere. However, their low-velocity dispersion and small galaxy separation make mergers more prevalent than in clusters. We assembled the most significant sample of BGGs observed with MUSE. We trace, for the first time, the distribution and kinematics of the warm gas in a significant sample of galaxy groups core by using several optical emission lines. .

Sub-millimeter galaxies

During my Master thesis I studied the ionised warm phase of several sub-millimeter galaxies (SMGs) at high redshift with the aim of understand the origin of the extreme star formation episodes triggered in these amazing systems. We used SINFONI/VLA observations targeting Hα in eight SMGS at z = 1.3-2.5. We mapped the spatial distribution and kinematics of the star-forming regions in these galaxies on kpc-scales. Based on a kinemetry analysis, we conclude that the majority of the sample is not consistent with disk-like rotation-dominated kinematics. Instead, they tend to show irregular and/or clumpy and turbulent velocity and velocity dispersion fields. This can be interpreted as evidence for a scenario in which these extreme star formation episodes are triggered by galaxy-galaxy interactions and major mergers.


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"Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of Sub-mm Galaxies at z~2. "

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MUSE Observations

NGC 1587

NGC 677

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